2021 9th International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Materials Engineering (AMTME 2021)
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Topics include but are not limited to the following areas:

(I) Advanced Manufacturing Technology/先进制造技术(II) New Materials and Advanced Materials/新材料和先进材料
(01) Surface Engineering/Coatings

(02) Material Deformation Mechanics and Fracture

(03) Numerical Simulation for Material Preparation

(04) Emulation Technology for Material Preparation

(05) Free Forging and Die Forging

(06) Rolling and Drawing Forming

(07) Stamping and Sheet Metal Forming

(08) Extrusion Technology

(09) Powder Injection Molding Technology

(10) Extended Processing Technologies For Metal Wire

(11) Roll-Forming Technology

(12) Pipe and Tube Processing Technology

(13) Hydroforming and Hot Stamping Technology

(14) Rapid Prototyping and 3D Manufacturing

(15) Special Forming Techniques ( Wedge Rolling, Ring Rolling, Etc.)

(16) Rolls , Molds and Tooling Technology : Design, Manufacturing and Quality Control

(17) Modular, Flexible and Integrated Technology in Manufacturing

(18) Waste Disposal and Recycling

(19) Material Preparation Equipment and Auxiliary Equipment Technology

(20) Forging Furnace and Heating Technology


(22) Micro- Forming and Micro-Manufacturing

(23) Modeling, Analysis and Simulation of Manufacturing Processes

(24) Materials Machining

(25) Welding & Joining

(26) Material Design of Computer Aided

(27) Microwave Processing of Materials

(28) Thermal Engineering Theory and Applications

(29) CAM/CAE

(30) High-speed/Precision Machining and Inspection Technology

(31) Micro-Machining Technology

(32) Laser Processing Technology

(33) Bionic Mechanisms and Bio-manufacturing

(34) Virtual Manufacturing and Network Manufacturing

(35) Remanufacturing Engineering

(36) Sustainable Manufacturing Technologies

(37) Digital Manufacture and Management

(38) Quality Monitoring and Control of the Manufacturing Process

(39) System Analysis and Industrial Engineering

(40) Production and Operation Management

(41) Green Supply Chain

(42) The Internet of Things

(43) Non-ferrous Metal material

(44) Iron and Steel

(45) Composites

(46) Micro / Nano Materials

(47) Ceramic

(48) Optical/Electronic/Magnetic Materials

(49) New Functional Materials

(50) Building Materials

(51) New Energy Materials

(52) Environmental Friendly Materials

(53) Earthquake Materials and Design

(54) Biomaterials

(55) Smart/Intelligent Materials/Intelligent Systems

(56) Polymeric Materials

(57) Thin Films

(58) Corrosion of Materials and Surface treatment technology

(59) Mechanical Behavior & Fracture

(60) Tooling Testing and Evaluation of Materials

(61) Research and Development of Composite Materials

(62) Research and Development of New materials

(63) New materials, New Technology and New Products

(III) Advanced Design Technology/先进设计技术

(IV) Manufacturing  Systems  and  Automation/制造系统和自动化

(64) Mechanical Dynamics and Its Applications

(65) Mechanical Transmission Theory and Applications

(66) Mechanical Reliability Theory and Engineering

(67) Theory and Application of Friction and Wear

(68) Vibration, Noise Analysis and Control

(69) Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Optimization and Control

(70) Innovative Design Methodology

(71) Product Life Cycle Design

(72) Intelligent Optimization Design

(73) Structural Strength and Robustness

(74) Reverse Engineering

(75) Green Design and Manufacturing

(76) Design for Sustainablility

(77) New Mechanisms and Robotics

(78) Complex Electro-mechanical System Design

(79) Advanced CAE Technique

(80) Mechatronics

(81) Industrial Robotics and Automation

(82) Machine Vision

(83) Sensor Technology

(84) Measure Control Technologies and Intelligent Systems

(85) Transmission and Control of Fluid

(86) Mechanical Control and Information Processing Technology

(87) Embedded System

(88) Advanced Forming Manufacturing and Equipment

(89) NEMS/MEMS Technology and Equipment

(90) Micro-Electronic Packaging Technology and Equipment

(91) Advanced NC Techniques and Equipment

(92) Power and Fluid Machinery

(93) Energy Machinery and Equipment

(94) Construction Machinery and Equipment

(95) Information Technology and Knowledge Engineering, Quality and Quality Management

(96) Industrial Economics and Ecological (Environmental Protection)

Submission Methods

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2.Please send the full paper(word+pdf) to SUBMISSION SYSTEM

3.Please submit the full paper, if presentation and publication are both needed.

4.Please submit the abstract only, if you just want to make presentations.

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1) Both Abstract and Full Paper are welcomed. The author can make an oral presentation after the Abstract is accepted and the payment is finished.

2) All submitted articles should report original, previously unpublished research results, experimental or theoretical. Articles submitted to the conference should meet these criteria and must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere. We firmly believe that ethical conduct is the most essential virtual of any academic. Hence any act of plagiarism is a totally unacceptable academic misconduct and cannot be tolerated.