2024 11th International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Technology and Materials Engineering (AMTME 2024)

Intended Guests: (in no particular order)

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Prof. Kaiming Wu / RAE Foreign Full Member (Academician)

Wuhan University of Science and Technology, China

Kaiming Wu, a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, recognized with special government allowances by the State Council of China, occupies the role of Senior Research Scholar at the University of Cambridge and a Researcher at the Tsukuba Space Center of Japan. He holds esteemed titles such as an Excellent New Century Talent by the Ministry of Education, "Chutian Scholar," a distinguished professor in Hubei Province, and an honorary member of the Guangdong Dr. Council for the Promotion of Innovation and Development. Wu spearheads the State Key Laboratory jointly established by the Wuhan University of Science and Technology for Refractories and Metallurgy and the Collaborative Innovation Center jointly established by provincial and ministerial authorities for High-Performance Steel Materials and Their Applications. 


Prof. Liejun Li / RAE Foreign Full Member (Academician)

South China University of Technology, China

Liejun Li, a distinguished professor and doctoral supervisor at the South China University of Technology, stands as a foreign academician of the Russian Academy of Engineering, acknowledged with special government allowances by the State Council of China. His leadership spans multiple domains, holding prominent roles as the Co-Chairman of the Global Doctoral Innovation Community, President of the Guangdong Dr. Council for the Promotion of Innovation and Development, Chairman of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Metal New Materials Industry Alliance, Chairman of the Guangzhou Advanced Materials Alliance of CAST Member Societies, Executive President of the Guangzhou Institution of Engineers, and Chairman of the Guangzhou Metal Society, among various other positions of influence. 


Prof. Ali Reza Kamali

University of Cambridge, UK

Ali Kamali is a Senior Researcher at the University of Cambridge, also a Double Hundred Distinguished Professor at the School of Metallurgy, Northeastern University (NEU), with a diverse research background spanning green materials synthesis, sustainability, electrochemistry, nanostructures and technology/knowledge transfer from academia to industry. As such, Ali conducts research mainly on developing green technologies for the sustainable production of advanced materials for energy and environmental applications, and has invented methods for green and low-cost production of materials such as graphene, nanodiamonds, silicon nanostructures, advanced metallic alloys, hydrogen, and clean technologies for converting waste plastic materials into nanostructured materials to be used in energy storage devices, and also water purification applications. He also serves as Director, Chief Scientist, or Consultant to a number of advanced materials companies. Ali has published more than 150 scientific articles and 50 patents, and received several awards, including the Khwarizmi International Award, National Expert Award, NSFC Excellent Young Scientist Award, and The Rose Award of Shenyang. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


Prof. Henry Hu

University of Windsor, Canada

Dr. Hongfa (Henry) Hu is a tenured full Professor at Department of Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering, University of Windsor.  He was a senior research engineer at Ryobi Die Casting (USA), and a Chief Metallurgist at Meridian Technologies, and a Research Scientist at Institute of Magnesium Technology. He received degrees from University of Toronto (Ph.D., 1996), University of Windsor (M.A.Sc., 1991), and Shanghai University of Technology (B.A.Sc., 1985). He was a NSERC Industrial Research Fellow (1995-1997). His publications (over 230 papers) are in the area of magnesium alloys, composites, metal casting, computer modelling, and physical metallurgy. He was a Key Reader of the Board of Review of Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, a Committee Member of the Grant Evaluation Group for Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, National Science Foundation (USA) and Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly. He has served as a member or chairman of various committees for CIM-METSOC, AFS, and USCAR. The applicant’s current research is on materials processing and evaluation of light alloys and composites. His recent fundamental research is focussed on transport phenomena and mechanisms of solidification, phase transformation and dissolution kinetics. His applied research has included development of magnesium automotive applications, cost-effective casting processes for novel composites, and control systems for casting processes. His work on light alloys and composites has attracted the attention of several automotive companies.

Prof. Guangzhao Zhang
South China University of Technology, China

Member of the International Standing Committee on the Conservation of Marine Materials (COIPM); Deputy Director of Polymer Materials and Engineering Branch, Chinese Society of Materials Research; Member of the Academic Committee of the State Key Laboratory of Marine Coatings; Member of the Expert Committee on Cultural Relics Protection of Guangdong Province. Langmuir (2019-), Macromolecules (2012-2014), ACS Macro Letters (2012-2014),  Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, Chinese Journal of Polymer Science, Editorial Board of Polymer Materials Science and Engineering. He is mainly engaged in the work of polymer solution and interface (polymer physical chemistry), including: "polymer conformation and interaction" basic research, and "Marine engineering materials, geotechnical engineering materials" applied research.


Prof. Mingxin Huang

The University of Hong Kong, China

Prof. Mingxin Huang received his bachelor's and Master's degrees from Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) in 2002 and 2004 respectively, and his PhD in Materials science from Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) in the Netherlands in 2008. From 2008 to 2010, he worked as a research engineer at ArcelorMittal, the world's largest steel company, in Metzieremets, France. His research work at ArcelorMittal focuses on the development of new advanced steels for automotive lightweight. Professor Wong joined the University of Hong Kong as an Assistant Professor in 2010 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 2016 and full Professor in 2019. Professor Huang's research focuses on two areas: (1) the relationship between microstructure and properties of advanced steels and alloys and the fundamental principles of phase transformation; and (2) the development of lightweight materials for automotive applications. His research work consists of both simulation and experiment.   Prof. Huang has published more than 100 SCI journal papers in top international journals of Science, Acta Materialia, Scripta Materialia, JMPS, IJP and other disciplines. Professor Huang is also a Cheung Kong Scholar Chair Professor of the Ministry of Education.


Prof. Shilu Dai

South China University of Technology, China

Shilu Dai, Professor, School of Automation Science and Engineering, South China University of Technology. In July, 2010, he obtained a doctorate in control theory and control engineering. In September 2017, he was hired as a professor at South China University of Technology. From November 2007 to November 2009, he was funded by the National Scholarship Fund Committee and studied in the Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering of the National University of Singapore as a joint training. From October 2015 to October 2016, he was a visiting scholar in the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Notre Dame, funded by the National Scholarship Committee. Dr. Shilu Dai is mainly engaged in teaching and scientific research in intelligent control and learning, robot control technology and so on. In IEEE transactions on neural networks and learning systems, IEEE transactions on control systems technology, More than 30 papers have been published in major academic journals at home and abroad, such as IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, and important international conferences in the field of control, including 8 long papers published by the first/correspondent author (two of which were selected as highly cited papers by ESI) and more than 10 international journal papers included by SCI. Apply for 6 national invention patents. In 2011, he won the nomination paper award for outstanding doctoral dissertations in Liaoning Province; In 2012, he was selected as the seventh batch of school-level training objects of the "Thousand Hundred and Ten Projects" in Guangdong Province.


Prof. Tongguang Zhai

University of Kentucky, US

Professor Tongguang Zhai hails from Shandong Jianzhu University in China. He holds a PhD degree from the University of Oxford and has an impressive academic and research background. Previously, he served as a tenured professor in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering at the University of Kentucky.

Throughout his career, Professor Zhai has made significant contributions to the field, with over 90 SCI papers to his credit. His research excellence was further underscored by one of his papers being selected as the best paper in Materials Characterization in 1993/1994. He has also led approximately 20 research projects as a Principal Investigator (PI) and has supervised the scholarly development of over 10 PhD students.

Professor Zhai's dedication and expertise have garnered recognition, including receiving a prestigious CAREER Award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in the United States. His passion for research and commitment to academic excellence continue to inspire the next generation of scholars in the field of materials engineering.


Dr. Bingji Li

Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg

As the CEO of the United States Jintong, with German engineering + American software double doctorate Li Bingji (Benjamin Li), is the world's intelligent manufacturing authority expert, 30 years of intelligent manufacturing data modeling and development experience in Europe and the United States, with the world's leading 3 million source code and data model to return to China to start a business, science and technology to serve the country. Distinguished Professor, Taiyuan University of Science and Technology; He has published more than 30 industry technical application papers in Europe and the United States, and led more than a dozen large-scale international projects, including the German DFG project that pioneered the application of finite element artificial intelligence models in complex molding, and the intelligent system development that combines microorganizational models and intelligent self-learning into automated model systems.


Researcher. Yu Chen

Institute of Intelligent Manufacturing, GDAS, China

Dr. Yu Chen, Researcher. Since 1994, he has been engaged in scientific research and development in Guangdong Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute (formerly Automation Research Institute of Guangdong Academy of Sciences). Deputy Director of Engineering Technology Research and Development Center. From March 2003 to March 2016, he served as Executive Deputy General Manager of Guangzhou Zhonghao Control Technology Co., LTD. He has presided over dozens of national, Guangdong Province and Guangzhou key science and technology projects, and won the third prize of Guangdong Province Science and Technology Progress Award and the first prize of Guangzhou Yuexiu District Science and Technology Progress. Publishing automation edited a core journal published more than 10 papers. He has presided over dozens of large-scale enterprise intelligence projects such as Thomson Foshan Color Picture Tube Computer Integrated Manufacturing Project (CIMS), Zhuhai Tomson Health Care product digital workshop system, Shenzhen CIMC Container Manufacturing execution system, Heilongjiang Nestle Food workshop Manufacturing execution system, Guangzhou Avon Cosmetics Manufacturing execution system, Guangzhou Danzi Group production process management control system Manufacturing engineering application projects, with rich practical experience, to promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises have strong guidance ability.


Assoc. Prof.  Florian Vogel
Jinan University

Dr. Florian Vogel joined the Institute of Advanced Abrasion Resistance and Functional Materials at Jinan University in Guangzhou in April 2019. Dr. Vogel received his PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Technical University of Berlin in 2014. He then worked as a postdoctoral researcher and head of the Atomic Probe Laboratory at the Helmholtz-Center Berlin for Materials and Energy. Dr. Florian Vogel has been involved in high-temperature materials research for more than a decade and has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in the field of atomic three-dimensional probes (APT) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). He has published several SCI papers in Nature Communication, Acta Materialia and other well-known international journals as the first author/corresponding author. He presided over three national projects, namely the German Research Foundation (DFG) project (" Layered microstructure and Nano-mechanical Properties in Co3(Al,W) Alloys ", 309,250 euros, equivalent to 2.33 million yuan), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Young Foreign Scholars Fund (" Layered Microstructure in Cobalt-based high-temperature superalloy Materials ", 350,000 yuan), National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) "High-entropy superalloys strengthened by hierarchical microstructures -- A novel approach to next. generation high-temperature structural materials, 800,000 yuan). He has presided over 4 provincial projects, including 1 project of Natural Science Foundation of Guangdong Province, 1 special project of Enterprise Science and Technology Commissioner of Guangdong Province, and 2 open funds of State key laboratories. Participated in an international collaborative study on an international standard for three-dimensional atomic probes (APT).